Serbian Medieval Cultural Heritage

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Petkovic V.

Serbian Medieval Cultural Heritage

Dereta, Beograd 2013

Scheda a cura di: Petkovic V.

This book builds upon a groundbreaking exhibition on Serbian Medieval Cultural Heritage which became the first Serbian exhibition to be featured at the House of Commons of the British Parliament (Palace of Westminster, London, UK).
Serbia's precarious position as the crossroad between the East and West fated it to forever tangle in desperate struggles with greater powers following the fall of the Roman Empire.
Yet Serbia emerged prosperous in a time of darkness, illuminated by the sudden development of original art and architecture, inspired by its embrace of Christian values and creation of a new religion.
Serbia's leaders chose to nurture the cultural development of law, language, writing and literature, making this possible by winning independence and freedom from Byzantium and later from Ottoman tyranny.
This is an accessible account of these historical innovations, intertwined with a vivid portrayal of the emperors, kings and queens who shaped Serbia's unique national identity with their vibrant personalities. It chronicles the dramatic and often brutal changes that befell Serbia in its infancy, and recounts the tragic defeats and extraordinary victories that formed a nation borne from a region marked by conflict and battle.
This recurring conflict has meant the dynastic monuments of a wealthy and romantic past have been neglected at times. Here, what remains of these beautiful relics, delicate iconic art, and grand monastery architecture is nostalgically charted.
UNESCO has protected these landmarks as World Heritage monuments and sites, and in so doing, the world has recognized the tributes that the noble Nemanjic family and their descendants left for future generations to proudly treasure as their spiritual heritage.