Anne's Bohemia

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Thomas A.

Anne's Bohemia

Czech Literature And Society, 1310-1420 (Medieval Cultures)

A cura di Wallace, D., - University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis 1998

Scheda a cura di: Thomas A.

The first book in English on medieval Czech literature.

Anne's Bohemia is the first book in English to introduce the little-known riches of medieval Bohemian culture. 

Alfred Thomas considers the development of Czech literature and society from the coronation of Count John of Luxembourg as king of Bohemia in 1310 to the year 1420, when the papacy declared a Catholic crusade against the Hussite reformers. 

This period is of particular relevance to the study of medieval England because of Richard II s marriage to Anne of Bohemia, the figure around whom this book is conceived.Anne s Bohemia offers a social context for the most important works of literature written in the Czech language, from the earliest spiritual songs and prayers to the principal Hussite and anti-Hussite tracts of the fifteenth century. 

The picture that emerges from Thomas s close readings of these texts is one of a society undergoing momentous political and religious upheavals in which kings, queens, clergy, and heretics all played crucial roles.

Expert but accessibly written, the book offers an engaging overview of medieval Bohemian culture for specialist and nonspecialist alike.