Athanasius of Alexandria, Oratio II contra Arianos

Ultimo aggiornamento: 25 maggio 2021

Lytvynenko V.

Athanasius of Alexandria, Oratio II contra Arianos

The Old Slavonic Text and English Translation

Brepols Turnhout 2019

Oratio II contra Arianos is one of the three Orations that belong to Athanasius of Alexandria and represent his most famous theological work. Written originally in Greek between 339 and 345 AD and translated into Old Slavonic in 906 AD by Constantine of Preslav, the Second Oration discusses the issue of Christ’s relation to God the Father and the controversial passages of Scripture in the context of the fourth-century Arian dispute. This critical edition is the first one to offer the Old Slavonic version of the Second Oration based on all existing manuscripts. It also provides a Greek text and English translation prefaced by an introduction on the origin, history, and text of Athanasius’ Orations in Slavonic.


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