Iani Pannonii Opera omnia quae manserunt

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Mayer Ju, Török L.

Iani Pannonii Opera omnia quae manserunt

A cura di Mayer Ju, Török L. - BALASSI KIADÓ Budapest 2006

Scheda a cura di: Mayer Ju, Török L.


The publication of the surviving works of Janus Pannonius, the first step of which is the present edition, was launched at the instigation of Tibor Klaniczay and the editor was invited to the project at the suggestion of István Borzsák. We plan to bring out two subseries: one containing the texts, critical introductions, critical apparatus and the similia apparatus; the other the commentary. Detailed indices and glossary of latin words will round off the series. The fascicle containing the epigrams will, according to our plans, be followed by the elegies; the third fascicle will include the panegyrics, the Carmen pro pacanda Italia, Carmen ad Ludovicum Gonzagam and Eranemos; the last one Janus Pannonius’ prose and Homer translations, and his letters. Since obviously there was no authentic edition of the epigrams, and the surviving collections have been created after the death of Janus, it was decided to arrange all epigrams in a single series according their chronological order. The chronology has been established by Ágnes Ritoók-Szalay. Details will be given by her in the commentary. Of course, this chronology of the epigrams can be seen in many cases only approximate. The textual tradition, in manuscript and printed, has been treated so far in the greatest detail by Csaba Csapodi, whose work will be referred to repeatedly throughout this book. The apparatus of similia has been written by László Török. In the first place, he tried to collect similar passages or references in the classical and contemporary poetic language, here and there also reminiscences in the latin poetry of 16th century Hungary, and—where appropriate—to cite historiographical sources of the Hungarian Middle Ages. The editor of the text contributed only on rare occasions. The collation of Epg. II 1–21 in the edition of Sambucus (Eh) was performed by Martina Monostori.


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