Introduction to the Phonological History of the Slavic Languages

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Carlton T.R.

Introduction to the Phonological History of the Slavic Languages

Slavica Publishers Bloomington 1991

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The book gives a detailed overview of the history of Slavic languages; starting from their modern form,  it goes back to the origin of Old Church Slavic and covers its process of formation and phonological development.  
Ch. 1 describes the Slavic languages as they exist at present.  
Ch. 2 covers the writing system of each of the Slavic Languages.  
Ch. 3 surveys Old Church Slavic: its origin, documentation, and affinities to other Slavic languages, in sections on the mission of Cyril and Methodius and its linguistic significance, the documentation of OCS, Church Slavic during the Middle Ages, the origin and nature of the Glagolitic and Cyrillic alphabets, etc.  
Ch. 4 discusses Slavic as a member of the Indo-European family, and  
Ch. 5 treats the reconstructed phonology of IE. 
Ch. 6 takes the reader from Proto-Indo-European to Proto-Slavic;  
Ch. 7 covers phonological developments in the period of disintegration;  
Ch. 8 treats the prosodic features of Late Proto-Slavic, with attention to problems of the individual languages.  
Ch. 9 is a relatively detailed summary of the major differences in the individual languages.   

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