Last Will: Passport to Heaven

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Ladic Z.

Last Will: Passport to Heaven

Urban Last Wills from Late Medieval Dalmatia with special attention to the Legacies pro remedio animae and ad pias

Srednja Europa, Zagreb 2012

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On the bases of examination of few thousand last wills the author analyses various aspects of religious life of inhabitants of four Dalmatian cities (Zadar, Trogir, Dubrovnik, and Kotor) in the period between the thirteenth and the beginning of the fifteenth century.
Particular attention is paid to bequests given for pilgrimages, crusades, hospitals, poor, lepers, ecclesiastical institution, confraternities, and so on.
The types of legacies are also examined: monetary bequests, land estates, natural products, cloth, textile, liturgical objects, paintings, books, and so on.

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