Pater Patriae

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Roznowska-Sadraei A.

Pater Patriae

The Cult of Saint Stanislaus and the Patronage of Polish Kings 1200-1455

UNUM, Kraków 2008

Scheda a cura di: Roznowska-Sadraei A.

448 pp.,

The author explores probably all accessible sources to the cult of St Stanislas. She studies documentary, written and iconographic sources in Poland and abroad and discusses their implications in a European context. [...] The book is the first wide-ranging study of this subject. The author shows excellent knowledge of medieval culture and art, as well as political, social and religious issues pertinent to the era. Because of this, and due to novel interpretations, the book is an important contribution to the study of the complex development of St Stanislas’ cult” (Doc. Dr Hab. Tadeusz Jurkowlaniec).

„The book is undoubtedly important and useful. On the basis of documentary sources and works of art, as well as taking into account the patronage of the Cracow chapter, Cracow bishops and Polish kings, it traces the complex development and changing role of St Stanislas’ cult in the history of the medieval kingdom of Poland” (Prof. Dr Hab. Zdzislaw Klis).