Preaching Saint Stanislaus

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Kuzmova S.

Preaching Saint Stanislaus

Medieval Sermons on Saint Stanislaus of Cracov, His Image and Cult

DiG, Warszawa 2013

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445 pp.

St. Stanislaus, bishop of Cracow, died as a martyr in 1079 as a result of a conflict with Boleslaus II, the king of Poland.
Stanislaus was canonised in 1253, and the city of Cracow became the centre of his cult, which in the course of the Middle Ages spread throughout Poland and to neighbouring countries. (...) This study examines the preaching on the martyr-bishop and the relationship between the sermons, the construction of his image and the operation, spread, and functions of his cult.
It offers a comprehensive analysis of the sermon corpus within the late medieval discourse on St. Stanislaus from the thirteenth to the fifteenth century. It presents, catalogues, and analyzes 80 largely unpublished Latin sermons and preaching materials, gathered from an investigation of 100 manuscripts, and presents editions of a selection of them. The work contributes not only to our understanding of the development of the cult of St. Stanislaus but also to the study of representation of sanctity and of the he preaching and religious communication in the region of Central Europe.

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