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Stradomski J.

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Studia nad cerkiewnosłowiańską kulturą literacką Wielkiego Księstwa Litewskiego i Korony Polskiej do końca XVI wieku

Krakowsko-Wilenskie Studia Slawistyczne Kraków 2014

Scheda a cura di: Stradomski J.

Manuscripts and Texts. Studies on Church Slavonic Literary Culture of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish Crown until the End of the 16th Century Church Slavonic manuscripts which are held in libraries and museums in Poland offer a possibility for reconstructing and describing the level/ condition of the Church Slavonic literary culture in the lands of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish Crown – along with its local specific features and visible relations to the Balkan area (Bulgaria, Serbia and Mount Athos). The Ruthenian lands of the Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania were the areas of active permeation of the influences of the Christian East and West, and the diffusive character enabled existence of ethnic, religious, linguistic and custom-related variety. The studies presented in the book are aimed at capturing the shape of the Church Slavonic literary culture of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish Crown as ingredients of complex religious, political and social reality at the end of the 16th century. The studies have a contributory/ fragmentary character, as they are based on some manuscripts which are stored in Poland on the basis of time-related criterion (not earlier than the end of the 16th/ beginning of the 17th century) and typological criterion (books of homilies, collections, books of guidelines, typica). The source material selected in this manner was subjected to codicologial and textological description, aimed at finding traces of presence of texts belonging to the South Slavic (mainly Bulgarian and Serbian) literary tradition.


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