Terminologičnata leksika v Joan-Ekzarhovija prevod na "De fide orthodoxa"

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Ilieva T.

Terminologičnata leksika v Joan-Ekzarhovija prevod na "De fide orthodoxa"

Verlag nicht ermittelbar, Göttingen 2013

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This book is the first ever comprehensive study of complex theological terminology in the Old Bulgarian literature on materials from the theology of St. John of Damascus, translated by John Exarch - one of the most important monuments of Old Bulgarian translations.

The analysis and conclusions help to clarify the significant and previously unexamined issues concerning the development of terminological layer of vocabulary in the Old Bulgarian literary language.

The dictionaries and indices made by the author are unique in the hitherto Paleo-Slavic lexicographical tradition.

They represent a small encyclopedia of the Dogma of John of Damascus, built on a selection of the chapters of John the Exarch, and according to the Old Bulgarian translation of the exact statement of the Orthodox faith.

Each with a specific purpose and concept, the individual guides complement each other and provide insight to the material on all essential parameters that must provide theological terminology.

Their complex nature allows them to be used for a number of private and comparative studies from different specialists.