Dobrowsky and the Slavonic Bible

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Thomson F.J.

Dobrowsky and the Slavonic Bible

Josef Dobrowsky's contribution to the study of the Slavonic Bible together with a survey of previous scholarship and an appreciation of his lasting influence on Slav biblical studies: a companion volume to the proceedings of the international conference Josef Dobrovský, Fundator Studiorum Slavicorum, Prague, 10th -13th June, 2003

A cura di Vavrinek, V., - Slovanský ústav AV ČR, Praha 2004

Scheda a cura di: Thomson F.J.

Francis J. Thomson elaborated his paper on Dobrovský's studies dealing with the Slavonic translation of the Bible in a monograph that is published as a separate companion volume to the Proceedings of the Conference. It is an exhaustive survey of the development of the research in this field from very first attempts to analyze this issue till the present time in which the author has shown the lasting validity of the findings reached by Dobrovský two centuries ago.