Marcus Marulus and the Biblia Latina of 1489

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Marcus Marulus and the Biblia Latina of 1489

An Approach to his Biblical Hermeneutics

Bohlau Verlag, Wien – Köln – Weimar 2013

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Series: Bausteine zur slavischen Philologie und Kulturgeschichte, Reihe A, Vol.74

Marcus Marulus or Marko Marulić (1450-1524) is known as the Father of Croatian Literature and as the first Croatian Bible scholar.
Much of his literary work is inspired by his study of the Sacred Scriptures.
This book is an introduction to Marulus central religious matrix, the Latin Bible, and his use of it.We are fortunate to have access to Marulus desk copy of the Biblia Latina in four volumes, with introductions and commentaries that customarily accompanied the Bibles in the fifteenth century.
This book is the first ever to investigate Marulus biblical hermeneutics, and it lays the groundwork for further literary and theological studies on Marulus and his time.

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