Power Politics in Kievan Rus'

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Dimnik M.

Power Politics in Kievan Rus'

Vladimir Monomakh and His Dynasty, 1054–1246

PIMS Ontario 2016

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432 pp.

The aim of this study is to write the political history of the dynasty of Kievan Rus′ descended from Vladimir Vsevolodovich Monomakh, which ruled from the middle of the eleventh century to the middle of the thirteenth century. In doing so, it argues, both from documented evidence and from circumstantial evidence, that Monomakh manipulated the politics of Rus′ to his advantage. The book attempts to address all relevant political information that the chronicles report on Vladimir Monomakh. The events are examined in chronological order in imitation of the method used by the chronicles. From the time of Yaroslav’s death in 1054 to the first half of the 1240s, of all the dynasties, Vsevolod’s descendants most consistently wielded political supremacy.

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