Croatian Glagolitic heritage in Istria

Croatian Glagolitic heritage in Istria Sec. XI-XV

An essential part of Croatian Glagolitic heritage can be found in the area of Istria, the largest Croatian peninsula. According to Branko Fučić's fundamental monograph Glagoljiski natpisi, about a half of epigraphic (i.e. carved in stone or chiselled on walls or other surfaces) Croatian Glagolitic monuments only can be found in Istria  This 1982 monograph provides a list of about 500 such items, with numerous subitems. Since 1982 many new epigraphic monuments have been discovered, in my opinion more thatn hundred, mostly in the Zadar area (due to Nedo Grbin), and especially important are those discovered in the Dubrovnik area, dating from 11th century. Here one also has to take into account that significant number of Croatian Glagolitic monuments, books and manuscripts has been destroyed during the Turkish occupation, especially in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the region of Lika and in the Zadar area.

Transliteration from Croatian Glagolitic into Latin Script

By: Zubrinić D.
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