The Baška tablet

Lapide di Basca Bašćanska ploča Sec. VIII-X

The Baska tablet is probably the most famous monument of early Croatian literacy, dating from about 1100, i.e. almost four centuries before the discovery of America. Its size and weight are impressive: 2x1 m, 800 kg. According to Branko Fucic and Eduard Hercigonja, the language of inscription is Croatian - Chrakavian with elements of liturgical Church Slavonic, and the script is Croatian Glagolitic.

Its importance is, among other, due to the fact that in its third line we can read “Zvonimir, Croatian King”. While there are even older documents in the Latin language mentioning the Croatian name, the Baska tablet is the oldest known document in which the Croatian name in written in Croatian language, and moreover, in Croatian Glagolitic Script.

By: Zubrinić D.
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