Missal Croatian Glagolitic

Missale Romanum Glagolitice Sec. XV

The 1483 editio princeps is the first Croatian and one of the first South Slavonic printed books. It was written in the Croation version of Church Slavonic language and printed in specific Croatian Glagolitic script. The famous codex 'Misal kneza Novaka', from 1368, (Prince Novak’s Missal) is considered to be its principal model in terms of subject and equivalent Glagolitic letters. Detailed analytical and comparative study of the text with other well-known handwritten Glagolitic missals, proved that the first Croatian printed book was edited by the Croats from Istria. Nevertheless, the Croatian editio princeps does not reflect particular rituals of any church or diocese, but strictly follows the content of the Latin Editio princeps (Milan, 1474) with slight differences in the order of some rituals. 

While the date of printing is shown in the colophon, the place of printing of the 1483 editio princeps still remains to be positively identified. Some researchers consider that it was printed in Venice, but recent research assume suggests that it might have been printed in Kosinj in the Lika region. 

Only eleven incomplete copies and six fragments have been preserved worldwide; five copies are held in Zagreb. Among these are the two copies in the National and University Library, and in the library of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. The Franciscan monastery in Zagreb and the Dominican monastery on the island of Brac each have one copy.

(from the website of the Nacionalna i Sveucilišna Knjižnica u Zagrebu)


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