Guests in the House

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Roslund M.

Guests in the House

Cultural Transmission between Slavs and Scandinavians 900 to 1300 a.d.

BRILL, Leiden (The Netherlands) 2007

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Series: The Northern World, Vol. 33

Mats Roslund discusses the presence of Slavic visitors in the area corresponding to modern Sweden during the period 900-1300 AD. Ethnic and cultural identity are seen through the reproduction of a Slav style in every-day pottery. The interpretation is preceded by an introduction to Slav archaeology and cultural identity expressed in material culture. The focus is on a pottery type called Baltic ware. Baltic ware has traditionally been regarded as a purely Slavic product, reaching Scandinavia through trade and free-moving artisans or as a result of co-operation between Slavic and Scandinavian potters. The aim of the book is to capture the dynamics in the interaction, to distinguish regional differences between the two traditions and present a contextual interpretation.

Table of contents:

Preface and Acknowledgments... xi
List of Illustrations ... xv
Chapter One: The power of the Past ...1
Chapter Three: Preparing the Gift ...155
Chapter Four: Scandinavian Reception ... 261
Chapter Five: Slavic Guests in the Scandinavian House ...469
Literature ...531