La Crimée entre Byzance et le Khaganat Khazar

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Zuckerman C.

La Crimée entre Byzance et le Khaganat Khazar

A cura di Zuckerman C. - Association des Amis du Centre d'Histoire et Civilisation de Byzance, Paris 2005

232 pp.

Proceedings of a symposium (Paris, November 2005) devoted to the Crimean peninsula, highly favoured area of contact with the inhabitants of the steppes, centralizing the relations between the Byzantine Empire and the Khaganat khazar. Archaeological, philological and historical perspectives are studied. Two contributions deal with the key issues of the period of settlement of the Khazars in the Pontic steppe, and the attribution of the treasure of Perescepina, among a broader context of discoveries from the steppes of VIIth-early VIIIth centuries. We also find the entire dossier of the saints of Crimea during the First Iconoclasm : The Greek Life Jean of Gothie, given for the first time in a critical edition, translated and commented ; the Armenian Life of Stephen of Sougdaia/Surozh, in its complete form thanks to a manuscript discovered at the Matenadaran, with his long slavonic Life, edited after the oldest manuscript, and translated into English. The book contains a study of the Sogdian presence on the Black Sea ; a reconstruction of the lost source, common to Theophanes and Nicephore, describing the period preceding the advent of Emperor Leo III, and an analysis of the ideological and chronological context of the Episcopal notices 3 and 7 in the corpus of Darrouzes.