Liturgy and Law in a Dalmatian City

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Gyug R.F.

Liturgy and Law in a Dalmatian City

The Bishop's Book of Kotor

PIMS, Toronto 2016

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The manuscript that is the subject of this study and edition constitutes a rich source for the study of the society and culture of the southern Dalmatian coast. The major parts of the manuscript were written in the mid-twelfth century, perhaps for the dedication in 1166 of the new cathedral of Kotor in southern Dalmatia, now Montenegro. The core of the manuscript, functioned as a liturgical compendium for the use of the cathedral and bishop of Kotor. The contents of the manuscript and its layers of composition reveal a complex history of civic development, cultural interactions and liturgical creativity. The sermons are unusual new texts; and the documentary additions, which are among the earliest statutes in Dalmatia, shed light on the history and legal development of the city and region. The volume is prefaced by a comprehensive historical introduction that provides an extensive history of Kotor and its church, as well as a codicological analysis of the manuscript and discussion of its contents, with particular attention to the sources of the liturgical and canonicoliturgical items and their arrangement.