Preacher and Audience

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Cunningham M. B., Allen P. e al

Preacher and Audience

Studies in Early Christian and Byzantine Homiletics

A cura di Cunningham M. B., Allen P. - BRILL Leiden 1998

Scheda a cura di: Cunningham M. B., Allen P. e al

This volume brings together thirteen studies on Greek-speaking preachers and audiences in a period from the beginning of the second century A.D. to the beginning of the tenth century which has largely been neglected in the modern literature.
The chapters represent a collection of case studies of individual preachers or periods of homiletic activity and cover themes including the identity of Greek-speaking preachers, the circumstances of delivery, the different genres of homiletic, the adaptation of the tropes of Classical approaches, the preparation, redaction and transmission of sermons, and the interaction between preacher and audience.
Each chapter is accompanied by a summary bibliography of the most important primary sources and secondary literature.


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