Sveta loza kneza Lazara

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Fajfric Ž.

Sveta loza kneza Lazara

DD Grafosrem Sid, Beograd 2000

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Željko Fajfric, a graduate in law, is a Serbian author with a special interest in Serbian medieval history . In "Sveta loza kneza Lazara" he presents an articulate analysis of Lazar Hrebeljanovic's lineage. Beginning with the role of his father, Pribac, at the Dušan's court, he proceeds with an explanation of the birth and expansion of Lazar's power together with a look into his political relationships and conflicts. Fajfric also discusses the consequences of the defeat of Serbs by the Turks during the Battle of Kosovo, and considers the roles of Lazar's sons, Stefan and Vuk.