The Middle Ages between the Eastern Alps and the Northern Adriatic

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Štih P.

The Middle Ages between the Eastern Alps and the Northern Adriatic

Select Papers on Slovene Historiography and Medieval History

BRILL, Leiden (The Netherlands) 2010

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Series: East Central and Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages, 450-1450, Vol. 11

The book deals with the Slovene historiography and history of the Slovene and neighbouring territories in the Middle Ages. It is the first work of its kind published in English. It thus makes the medieval history of this part of Europe and some of its fundamental problems accessible to the widest range of researchers. It contains 18 papers which comply with modern methodological approaches and current trends in historiography and it puts the validity and usefulness of these methods to the test in the case of “Slovene” material and examples. The first part of the book critically examines Slovene historiography, which largely viewed the Middle Ages from a national angle. The second part is dedicated to early medieval history, focussing on issues of Slavic ethnogeneses, society, and political structures. The third part addresses chapters from the history of the Church, the nobility, and the formation of Länder, and also discusses the famous enthronement of the Carinthian dukes.

Table of contents

Abbreviations ...vii
Concordance List of Slovene Place Names in German and Italian ...xi
List of First Publications ...xix
List of Illustrations ...xxi

Preface ...xxiii
Introduction ...1

Part One: The Middle Ages, Slovene Historiography, and the National Formation of the Slovenes
I. On Nationalised History, Myths and Stereotypes ... 9
II. Theories of Indigeneity and their Like among the Slovenes ...38
III. On the Modern (Mis)Understanding of Old History in the Case of the Enthronement of the Carinthian Dukes ...56
IV. A Plea for a Different View of Ancient Slovene History...71

Part Two: From the Slavic Settlement to the End of Frankish Rule
V. Wiped out by the Slavic Settlement? The Issue of Continuity between Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages in the Slovene Area ...87
VI. The Alpine Slavs and their Neighbours: From Confrontation to Integration ...100
VII. The Carantanians – an Early Medieval Slavic Gens between East and West ...108
VIII. Carniola, Patria Sclavorum ...123
IX. Structures of the Slovene Territory in the Early Middle Ages ...136
X. The Early Medieval “State” and the Tribal Formations in the Slavic Settlement Area of the Eastern Alps ...169
XI. On the Eastern Border of Italy in the Early Middle Ages ...190
XII. Istria at the Onset of the Frankish Rule, or the Impact of Global Politics on Regional and Local Conditions ...212

Part Three: Bishoprics, the Nobility, and the Länder in the High and Late Middle Ages
XIII. The Origin and the Beginnings of Episcopal Property in the Territory of Present-Day Slovenia ...233
XIV. The Patriarchs of Aquileia as Margraves of Carniola ...256
XV. The Beginnings of Ljubljana and the Bavarian Nobility ...274
XVI. The Counts of Gorizia as Domini Terrae in Gorizia, Carniola, and Istria ...318
XVII. The Counts of Cilli, the Issue of their Princely Authority and the Land of Cilli ...338
XVIII. The Enthronement of the Dukes of Carinthia between History and Imagination: Issues of its Tradition, Development, and Course ...380

Bibliography ...409
Index ...449

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