Serbian Epic Poetry

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Lew M.D.

Serbian Epic Poetry

Rastko, Belograd 1999

Mark D. Lew, aiming to create a more complete view of Serbian history by using folktales as the key to its understanding, collected traditional stories in the form of epic poetry around the myth of the Battle of Kosovo, 1389,  which determined the fate of Serbia for the following centuries.

The Epic Poems
-The Fall of the Serbian Empire
-Tsar Lazar and Tsaritsa Militsa
-The Banquet on the Eve of the Battle
-Kossanschitch and Milosh
-Musitch Stefan
-Tsaritsa Militsa and the Voyvoda Vladeta 
-The Maiden of Kossovo
-The Death of the Mother of the Jugovitch 
-The Miracle of Tsar Lazar 
Note on Spelling
Historical notes