Northern Gold

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Bliujiene A.

Northern Gold

Amber in Lithuania (c. 100 to c. 1200)

BRILL Leiden, The Netherlands 2011

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Collana: East Central and Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages, 450-1450, Volume 18

This study presents a systematic analysis of the huge, and in most cases, completely new archaeological evidence for amber from Lithuania and the surrounding regions. A comprehensive synthesis of archaeological evidence and written sources provides an opportunity to develop new viewpoints about the sources of amber, extraction methods, amber-wearing traditions in different Aestii/Balt cultures and by people of different social status, ages and genders, and the amber trade in different markets in Lithuania and the whole eastern Baltic region. However, a tradition of amber usage in Lithuania was dependent not only on the ability of local communities to acquire “northern gold” but, to a larger degree, its use in the north was determined by cultural developments that took place in Europe.

Table of contents

Acknowledgements ... vii
List of Figures ... ix
List of Appendices ... xxxi
List of Tables ... xxxiii
Chronological System Used in the Book ... xxxv
List of Abbreviations ... xxxix

Introduction ... 1
1 Baltic Amber: Distribution, Main Sources and Accessibility ... 5
2 Amber in Lithuanian Historiography ... 15
3 The Aestii and the Glesum Epoch ... 35
4 Amber in Medieval Lithuania ... 203

Conclusions ... 335

Appendices and Tables ... 353
Bibliography ... 379
Index ... 407


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